Our state is home to a broad range of natural resources and scientific knowledge that, when combined, can transform communities from Manteo to Murphy. 

To bring that vision to reality, we opened our first statewide office in the Piedmont Triad in 2003. Offices followed quickly in Asheville, Wilmington, Greenville and Charlotte. Today, each region is building its unique biotechnology blueprint. Our staff, in partnership with regional leaders, has solidified those blueprints into a permanent statewide footprint – a portfolio of strengths from forestry to marine science, natural products to medical devices.


The NC BIONEER Venture Challenge benefits for the finalists continuing to the statewide challenge from each of the 5 NC Biotechnology Center regions (Eastern, Greater Charlotte, Piedmont Triad, Southeastern, Western) include the following, in addition to benefits received during each regional assistance and pitch award period:
  • A 1-month period of intense mentoring assistance and networking opportunities.
  • Public and private events to enhance our connected networks of entrepreneurs, investors, and others in the region and beyond, especially as they relate to biotech innovation and commercialization.
  • Targeted assistance from the NC Biotechnology Center Life Science Intelligence team--e.g., industry and market research.
  • A statewide pitch challenge at the end of the statewide assistance process, which will yield additional significant monetary awards, in addition to the invaluable mentoring and networking each venture will experience during the assistance phase.
  • Monetary Awards: To Be Announced
  • Promotion in the regions, state, and beyond of our impressive community of biotech innovators, entrepreneurs, and ventures.

Mentoring, Networking, and Awards Events

The winner from each of the five regional challenges will continue to the statewide challenge for additional mentoring assistance, NC Biotechnology Center Life Science Intelligence team support, promotion, public appearance, and monetary awards.


Statewide Assistance Period: June 2022

    • June, 2022 Mentor Team Meetings and Training Sessions
    • June 23, 2022 Statewide Judging Phase (private meeting with pitches to judges)
    • June 23, 2022 Statewide Finals Venture Pitch Showcase and Winner Reveal at Triad BioNight in High Point, NC

Challenge Finals

After three months of mentoring, networking, and enhancing the venture with technical assistance, pitch coaching, and funding, the five NC BIONEER finalists will meet in Greensboro, NC at Triad BioNight to showcase their ventures and to learn which venture will be the NC BIONEER Statewide Award Recipient.

Regional Finalists

The following NC BIONEER Venture Challenge regional finalists will continue to the statewide challenge from each of the 5 NC Biotechnology Center regions:



Green Solutions Group 

Greater Charlotte

Renaissance Fiber


Plakous Therapeutics

Piedmont Triad

Olfax Medical


Statewide Judges

  • To Be Announced Soon

Lead Sponsor

Additional Partners

NC Bioneer Coordinator


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